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Randy Moody, Spokane, Washington

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His name says it all, well not really. I didn’t personally meet/date this weirdo but a friend of mine did. She went to go meet him at a bike rally or something after talking to him online through Supposedly everything seemed ok, expect Randy wasn’t as attractive as his picture so my friend just wanted to be friends only with Randy. And apparently he is a thick skulled fellow and can’t understand why a woman couldn’t be in love with him at first sight as he was with my friend (after meeting her once). So he kept calling and calling her at sometimes 2am to ask her why she didn’t love him. Finally she told him flat out, “we just met one time I wasn’t even looking for a serious boyfriend or really anything but friends right now, thats what we agreed online”. And then Randy sent a series of suicide messages on the phone and online. I even called him back one day and told him to leave her alone or we were calling the police so the next day she gets an email supposedly from his sister saying that Randy was dead, he shot himself in the head and she was taking him back to colorado to bury him. My friend wasn’t sure what to think so she checked the paper every day and sure enough Randy Moody was never listed in the obituaries. So if you happen to come across this nut job run and do not listen to his suicide threats!

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