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Rafael J Mercado

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Were the perfect couple for 22yrs.He decides to cheat with a Slut he met in 2014 and made it seem as all our marriage problems were because of me and all the time it was him cheating with the side piece. Him and the Slut planned it all…cheat me on alimony and ran off to Spain with her! Not before getting married 2 months after divorce finalized. Him & his bitch gave me the gift that keeps on giving…HEP-C! This guy is a LIAR & SOCIOPATH! Put this whore before his own daughters! And get this…he works for the government as a criminal investigator! Somebody should investigate him for bribery and drugs. Ladies…if any of you feel me…give this bitch a call and tell her how you feel: (904) 400-9444

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