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Rachel Stomberg Newent Connecticut

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I used to date this woman a few years ago, had my first child with her. Life was great for a while, and we made several wonderful memories together. My life was turned upside down though when I came home and caught her in bed with two other men at the same time. I couldn’t believe it, I was shocked. The first time we worked out our differences though I was obviously a fool for doing this.

It was at this time I noticed some strange things she did, she used to work in fast food since she didn’t have a high school diploma or college degree. One time when i picked her up for work I noticed her spitting in one of the meals she was preparing, when I asked her why, she said because the customer was black and that she hated N*GG*RS. I was surprised by this as my mother is white, and my father is black, it was at this point in time that I broke up with her and now we are involved in a custody battle over the child.

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