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Quynh Nguyen, Los Angeles, CA, USA

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The cheapest, most tacky, fake Vietnamese whore/slut who is too easy, have extremely low class and herpes disease

Quynh Nguyen is cheap, fake and in no way looks like a regular professional with normal career background. Purely tacky and low life.

Quynh Nguyen serves horny men on booty call basis just like how fast food chain McDonald’s serves hamburgers – quick, fast and in large quantity.

This VINAMESE WHORE knows it but it wouldn’t bother it. There is no moral, shame or ethics with this gross, UGLY, CHEAP Vinamese WHORE. Quynh Nguyen will provide its service: for such an ugly witch, what more can the Slut ask??

Quynh Nguyen is publicly recognized by almost everyone with the same description:


But what comes really cheap is the inside. Like said earlier, it is insanely cheap and is willing to be a doormat at any given time to satisfy her low self.

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