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PS165M Diana Botet NYC

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This woman jumps from guy to guy telling them how hurt she is and how men have been out to destroy her. She met this guy Omar Fontanes while she was going out and living with some guy. The guy she was with never knew a thing of how many dates this Omar went out with this Coke head Diana. She works at ps165 in Manhattan and all she does is lies about everything. She can not be trust at all. She does Coke behind everyone’s back and plays the victim. Stay aware from her apparently she may have something since she admitted to me she doesn’t do protected sex. Diana is real dumb to think it was her ex boyfriend. It’s actually one of her friends that is writing this and all posts to expose her as a fraud.

3 thoughts on “PS165M Diana Botet NYC

  1. She for got how my husband and children took care of this fake and was too sick to realize how drunk and stupid she was. Blaming her ex boyfriend. She lives with the guy and cheats on him while she’s online and makes the guy think it was all his fault. Haha your evil. Mala.

  2. Crapiest part is I fell for that guy and his false hope. I fell for his rainbows and unicorns, and empty promises. I believed him when he said it was just one date. That he wasn’t aware she was in a relationship. I believed all his lies. My love for him was pure. I learned his true colors and heartless way first hand. April 26, a day of change.

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