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Phillip Stevens Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania

First Name : Phillip
Last Name : Stevens
Gender : M
Age : 27
City : Pittsburgh
State : PA
Country : US
Phone : (304)834-4526

After leading me on all summer and helping him deal with issues of his past trauma, he cut off all ties with me and started dating other people. He lied about me, to me, and I was still helping pay for his therapy. His therapist said he wasn’t in a good spot to date anyone, but was using dating websites while we were still talking and planned to move in with a girl after two months.

Not to mention he ignored my “no” when I didn’t want to have s*x and pressured me until I gave in because I was stupid enough to believe he cared about me and that things like that happen all of the time in relationships. Really what it was – was rape. The most I could do was file a complaint with the police because it’s his word against mine, and I would likely lose the case. But at least if he ever takes advantage of anyone else, my complaint is on file. I wish he knew that.

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