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phillip E Drake st petersburg fl

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Warning!! PHILLIP IS A PSYCHOPATH AND SEX ADDICT. WHEN I FOUND OUT ALL HIS LIES AND CHEATING….I DELETED HIM FROM MY LIFE. BUT HE HARRASSES YOU AND STALKS YOU, THREATENS YOU….HE VANDALIZED MY CAR. I HAD TO GET A RESTRAINING ORDER ON HIM. THEN HE HAD OTHER WOMEN CALLING ME HARRASSING ME AND THREATENING ME…then my sister and son. HE IS BISEXUAL, ENGAGING IN THREESOMES FOURSOMES CROSS DRESSING….HIS GF JENNY GONZALEZ IS A A GUY…TRANSGENDER…..everything i found out about him is so sick and disgusting. When he first meets you…he is all consumed… I love you…lets date exclusively….he tells you i want to be married and have kids right away. EVERY WORD A LIE…..HE HAS LIKE 4 OTHER GIRLS HE IS TALKING TO AND FUCKING. THE WOMEN CALLING ME HARRASSING ME…ARE TELLING ME HEY I BOUGHT HIS CAR, HEY MY NAME IS ON HIS CAR…HEY IM PAYING THE INSURANCE ON THAT CAR…WTF??? When i was in a relationship with him he tells me…..oh btw i have a new roommate…a girl….she was living with him 4 weeks before he told me…this guy is scum from the get go…..if your dating him…..and googled him….your smart!! Wish i did…….

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