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Phillip drake st petersburg fl

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Phillip is a psychopath…a total freak. Run dont walk. I dated him for 5 months…he fools you by being so shy and quiet but he is anything but innocent. He is a s*x addict and is bi sexual…and buys escorts off of backpage. He is a pathalogical liar…shady as they come. My prescious dog died the day b4 valentines day…he laid in bed with me on the side of my dead dog as i cried my eyes out….he tried to have s*x with me! Then he took my dog to the vet to be cremated and then broke up with me over a text message on valentines day…i guess the death of your dog isnt sexy…total scum. He begged me to take him back and like an idiot i did….it got so much worse…the lies…the shadiness…then the real truth came out he was cheating on me with is ex gf…..who is a guy!! Transgender jenny gonzalez….he is sick…he tried to convince me to be his gf and to allow him to sneak off on the downlow with his he/she when he wanted. There is no end to this sick psycho….so of course i got tested and sure enough i had an std….im soo sick over this disgusting humanbeing

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