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Parrish Michael Tate, Phoenix AZ

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Parrish is smooth and believable. He’ll make you think that he’s had such a tough time with relationships and that he’s always the one that finds “crazy” women. Girl, don’t believe him!! It’s his line and he will reel you in with it. If you’re already hooked, just remember what you read here and be careful with your heart. He cares about no one but himself. He brings on his own misery and karma and deserves every last bit of it. Parrish is NOT a good man or human being. He’s deceitful and cares nothing about hurting you. And when he’s done, he’ll toss you out like yesterday’s garbage and never look back. The man has been married and divorced FOUR times AND he abandoned his first two children. What kind of “man” does that? Do you think you’ll be any different?

Don’t be taken in by the pretty packaging. Take another look before you leap. He’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing. You have been warned.

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