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Paris Kennedy, Los Angeles, California, USA

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Paris Kennedy who is an adult star or adult female actress or adult female performer/adult female entertainer and whose other name is Daniela Rossler (from Los Angeles, California, USA) is to be hereby known as a permanently blacklisted adult actress or permanently condemned adult female performer due to the fact that she is biased, discriminatory, and prejudiced against African American males or Black males which is especially seen when it comes to forming or having serious intimate relationships with them. She despises forming or having serious intimate relationships with them because their color of skin or skin pigmentation is a serious issue for her. This comes out of an internal racialism, prejudice, and bigotry that is within Paris Kennedy as a whole that is all color of skin or skin color based in regards to these African-American males or Black men. Due to this fact, Paris Kennedy must therefore be fully and totally blacklisted and fully and totally condemned for the wicked and extremely evil, stinking, dirty, filthy, putrid, nasty, toxic, polluted, and unclean racist bigot that she indeed truly and absolutely is.

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