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olive marie wood barnwell sc

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this woman plays men against each other. her and her now ex defrauded the state of south carolina our of over 50,000.00 in food stamps. she tells her now ex she is willing to work things out with him. comes to his house to be fucked while driving her new boy friends car. her new boy friend is jimmy padgett of islandton sc. he is a manager at IGA food store in bowman sc. she uses the excuse that her new boyfriend is a pussy and is more like being out on a girls night out than being with a actual man. claims that she knows it will never work out between them but refuses to stop seeing him because he takes her places and spends money on her. her family hates her ex because he doesnt kiss their ass or take any shit from them. her mother virginia bolen warner of barnwell sc is a prescription drug addict. her moms boyfriend is also a addict and weed user. he even grows it inside their home. her new boy friend jimmy is such a pussy he actually hid in the IGA food store last night because her ex was in the parking lot waiting on them. one of the men she cheated on her ex with is a known child molestor and drug addict. the only thing she cares about is having money spent on her. she doesnt think about the fact she is herpes 1 and genetal warts. both of which she caught from cheating with the child molestor who is also bi sexual and one of his ex lovers has full blown AIDS and has been passing it around ever since. her constantly being sick is why she was passed over for the meat cutting position at work. she even went as far as to complain to her ex that her black manager was harrassing her because she wouldnt fuck him.

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