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Nyann Lin Moe, Vancouver, British Columbia

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He is from Yangon, Burma and lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. He studies in Simon Fraser University. He is a typical 13-stepper: the first month with him was great. Then his slutish nature started to show. He cheated on me with his so-called best friend back then, and lied to me that if he did not date a girl who is rich enough, his family would no longer accept him as their son and brother. I gave in and let him openly cheat on me, but it only made things worse. While dating two girls at the same time, he still kept contact with other girls, flirting with them, and even saw that as a sign of manlihood and showed it off to me. When he eventually ‘broke up’ with the other girl, he told me that his family no longer accepted him and therefore cut off all his financial supply. That was obviously a lie that gained him quite a few grand. I paid for his rent, part of his tuition and almost everything else. He also treated me a his maid- I did all his laundry, cleaned his room, dishes, proofread his essay, you name it. When finally he felt the boredom I brought him outweighs all the convenience I could offer him, he broke up with me, and gave me two grand back claiming that would clear all the debt he owed me. After I finally moved on, he again lied about his grandma’s death, his dad’s health issue and so on to make me come back with him. He played the victim and blamed me for cheating on him, despite the face that he broke up with me four months prior to my new relationship.

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