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Nubia Medina, Port Chester, New York, New York

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I was married for 15 years. My Ex-husband cheated on me with this illegal undocumented woman. She is illegal and her boyfriend called me to break the news. She has two daughters, and she receives health insurance along with other benefits from the state. She does not pay taxes and works under the books. She works as babysitter and sells Mary Kay products. They both deserve each other. I let him walked away because he was not worthy. My Ex-husband left me financially and emotionally broken. If it was not enough, he left me with a sexual transmitted disease. Society judge us differently. If a man get one, it is an act of bad luck. If a woman get ones, people called us names. I was a loyal loving wife. I didn’t deserve it. Karma will take care them. I want justice to be serve. Nubia Medina can be reach at 914-566-4563. She is a homewreacker and a gold digger. My Ex-husband is a disease spreader. She probably does not even that she is another victim.

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