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Norm Motland, Anaconda/Butte, Montana

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For all of you who know Norm Motland then you already know he likes to beat up women. However, recently it’s been uncovered that Norm Motland’s perversions go much deeper than this. There is now evidence that he is also a child molester. Yes a young girl who he had interactions with on a daily basis has reported to her father that Norm Motland sexually assaulted her. After doing some research it was uncovered that Norm as an adult also knocked up a 15 year old girl named Lisa Bennet who he also married while she was just 15. The marriage apparently lasted less than a year but produced a son named Tyler out of the brief marriage between norm and a child. So it’s very clear that Norm has a history of being attracted sexually to children. His friends Jack Roche who is a well known crooked cop from anaconda is always covering up for Norm and his misdeeds. Jack covered up Norm beating up his last girlfriend and also made up police reports for him on her so that he could make her look bad. Norms parents Norman and Debby also commented about norm being a well known cheater liar abuser and child molester by saying “they weren’t married so it’s not a big deal”. Clearly norm gets his behavior as his parents apparently support his poor treatment of women. Norm thinks it’s funny to torture and torment his victims also. He has friends of his Stanley Gloven, Kevin Turner, Scott Chasin, Amanda Hatcher, Shannon LaTray, and many others join in the tormenting having them all mock them at once call them names make false accusations and make up lies about them. This from some of them is hard to understand as one is a police officer and another a well known therapist. Incredible way to act being people in such positions. Further Jack Roche had stalked these victims of Norms by following them around and having other officers do the same as well as even sending them threatening text messages. Great cop there wouldn’t you say. Wow Norm it sure seems like you are hiding quite a bit of who and what you really are! It makes me sick to think of you touching those poor children. Someone should really have put a stop to you a long time ago. What gratification do you get from abusing children sexually Norm? You are a real sleaze. But Now you are once again being publicly called out for your behaviors. Seems as though people have had quite enough of you and all your extra curricular activities!

Norm also works for UPS in Butte, MT. This job allows him to be exposed to many children in the public. If I lived in this area I would complain to UPS about this man working for them and then allowing him to be exposed to my children! He even looks like a creep. He walks funny and talks like a bafoon. I know I will be using only Fed Ex services from now on. Seems that Fed Ex has much higher standards for those they employ! UPS you should be ashamed of yourselves. This is appalling to say the least.

The Anaconda Police Department should also be ridiculed for employing well known crooked police such as Jack Roche He is well known for commuting his own crimes against people who cross him. Ever hear of cars catching on fire for no apparent reason? Hmm…! Or people getting beat up and afraid to say by who? Or how about all the fake reports he creates to screw someone over or to cover up for his friends! It’s sick.

And MCDC, you need to question your therapists morals and principals outside of the office. They represent your company and with therapists like Shannon treating people the way she does with her friends is despicable. Thes are very likely the same people she provides services to. How can she sit there mocking someone and call them crazy while laughing at their suffering along with a group of her friends and in public? Then go to work and pretend she’s a decent person! Wow!

As for Norms parents. Well they are heavy drug users so that may explain everything. I would venture to say that while pregnant with Norm the drug use was in full swing which could help explain why Norm is so messed up. It’s also interesting that one of Norms best friends Stanley Gloven happens to also be Norman and Debby’s drug dealer! Interesting connection don’t you think? Why the police haven’t caught on to Stan and his Drug Iperations could be of course linked back to good ole Jack Roche and the anaconda police allowing their Captain to do as he pleases and protect those he chooses while bringing havoc upon those he wishes.

Norm is also a heavy drug user. He often smokes pot and snorts cocaine. He likes mushrooms as well. But he loves alcohol. However alcohol does not love him. He is a very sloppy drunk and passes out literally in his own food each night at the Copper Bowl. It’s very attractive let me tell you. He drives drunk constantly and thinks it’s funny even brags about the fact that Jack has him covered and he will never get pulled over in Anaconda or get in trouble for anything because he’s got Jack. That’s a fact and direct quote straight out of Norm’s mouth. Very sad people very sad. That must be how Norm has been allowed to get children pregnant and molest little girls for so long. Jack makes sure he doesn’t get in trouble for it! Guess the key to being a child molester and getting away with it is to live in Anaconda Montana, be best friends with the police captain Jack Roche, and have drug addict parents who live in a remotely located and isolated cabin in the woods!

Norm Motland is a chomo!! Stay clear of him. He is also well known to be abusive towards women and children. I can tell you of several women I know personally he has beat on and three of them have children which he molested and or emotionally and mentally abused while they were made to listen to him call their mother horrible names and beat her right in front of them. Norm Motland… What a Guy!!!

4 thoughts on “Norm Motland, Anaconda/Butte, Montana

  1. This is very concerning. I don’t know this guy nor do I want to. I don’t even live near montana and after reading this I can say that’s a very good thing. Why is the police department not doing something about their officer and this man? What is wrong with this place? How is this allowed to go on?

  2. I know him. He’s a puke. He pretends he’s looking for a relationship but once he hooks you he’s out cheating on you. He’s done it to countless women. He’s only looking to have sex. He’s a well known liar and pervert. He grabs at you inappropriately in public and treats you like dirt. He talks bad about you to everyone and is always looking for the next victim who buys into his lies and he will leave you for her. Though he will just play her the same way. Stay far away from this guy! He is like a plague.

  3. I am the father mentioned in this post. I cannot speak towards the other people named in the above posting, though I will say that in regards to Norm Motland the information is accurate. I have reported him to authorities and placed my daughter in counseling. Norm helped me get custody of my daughter following the breakup with her mother. She had kicked him out for abusing her. I wasn’t sure why he would be so willing to help me paint her in a bad light until my daughter reported to me what he had done. Her mother was never aware of this though and she is just as furious as I. Norm is a very sick man and while I first welcomed his assistance I now look back and realize that the information he passed along was ruthless and ignorant on his part. He sent me every private text and email my ex sent him during their relationship. What kind of man would share such personal and intimate things with others? A man looking to protect himself and make the only person he thought could possibly expose him look questionable. Be aware women not only are your children at risk from this man but he will also share intimate photos emails and texts with his friends your ex’s his family even lawyers and courts. There is no limit to how low this guy will go to cover up the things he has done. I guess I too should feel bad for having his assistance in getting my daughter from her mother. She is a good mother and always has been. Now she is crushed and this man continues to attack her by using his friends and others to literally destroy her life and reputation. It sickens me to see what I opened the door to allow to happen her. She of course hates me too and with right to. I had no idea how far he would take all this with her. If I had I wouldn’t have ever allowed him the opportunity. She doesn’t deserve the hell Norm has put her in. Norm needs to be punished for what he’s done to my daughter and for what he has done to her mother. She informed me recently that the most recent time he broke in to her home and beat her up he also raped her. I knew he had broken in and assaulted her. I did not know until recently that he had also raped her. She is currently being treated for and taking medication for PTSD. That should tell you what getting involved with this disease will get you. I regret ever thinking this guy was a decent human being. He even said in court that her mother was a good mother. When asked why he would help me then he replied because she put on Facebook pictures of the black eyes and such I gave her! He slipped there and that was the first time I started to figure out he had fooled me. He’s a liar and only out for his own. God help you Norm Motland. You need his mercy for what’s coming for you now.

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