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Norm Allen Motland. Anaconda/Butte. Montana. USA

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Norm is the lowest form of life on the planet. He lies about his living situation claiming he lives by himself in Butte, Montana when he actually lives with a 70 year old Roomate in Anaconda, Montana. Norm is on every dating site there is and loves to pretend he is single when he is or even when he has a live in girlfriend. He is the biggest liar you’ll ever meet. He will never be faithful and if you catch him in his lies he blames you! He also fails to inform any of the women he meets that he has HPV and you guessed it, he never wears a condom. That’s not even the worst part. He’s also a women beater! He’s known for blackening eyes and choking his girlfriend’s who catch him in his latest web of lies. This man is such a loser he will even go get a temporary restraining order on his girlfriend when she catches him too many times and he knows he can’t get out of it this time.

He even talks about you to his prior exs who are insane themselves because why on earth would you take his side about things that he did to your stupid self too. Norm is the definition of toxic and brings dysfunctional to a whole new level. He can’t handle being confronted. He is very immature. He is a huge drunk. He’s cocky with no reason to be. Oh and have I mentioned his back hair? Think Austin powers but what’s crazy is his chest isn’t too bad but his back is literally like a shag carpet. One of his friends actually described it as two cats hanging off each shoulder lol. He sends selfies to women he chats with immediately and trust me ladies he’s not that good looking. Photoshop! He is gray haired over weight and has a very small package. Then add the fact that he can’t f*#% to save his life you better get use to being on top. And do not ever expect foreplay well yes expect to give it only. Sex routine will be him shoving your head down to suck his dick then you having to climb on top for two whole minutes before he is finished. It’s pathetic honestly. He will only spend time with you when he’s horny so even if you live with him you won’t hear from him until it’s time to go get his drunken ass from the bar so you can try to get his limp dick up to fuck but he will just pass out anyway so just pretend for his ego.

Norm talks horrible about his exs and literally lies about the reality of the entire relationship. He’ll cost you your job your friends your reputation you stability and even your children. Yes mothers beware cuz this man will even harm your children to get even with you for not letting him cheat and do whatever he wants to you. How dare you think better of yourself. Truly everyone who meets him online thinks at first he is just a nice normal guy. But he’s anything but. His favorite line too is to say he wants to settle down and find someone he can be serious with. Hahaha yep serious as far as your seriously going to be around to fuck but he is serious about fucking as many others as he can as well! Do not believe this jerk. He works for UPS as a feeder Driver too. So you know he’s a trucker on the road all the time. Do I need to explain that one further? Trust me you should run if ever you meet Norman “Norm Motland” on Tinder, Facebook, Zoosk, Match, Plenty of Fish, gosh there are so many I can’t even list them all but trust me he is on them all!!! He’s the biggest douche bag ever to walk this earth and will cause you nothing but problems. He lies so much you literally can’t believe anything he says following him saying his name!

10 thoughts on “Norm Allen Motland. Anaconda/Butte. Montana. USA

  1. I have been following this situation and this story is a total and complete work of fiction. I have seen and received messages from this girl that are mad rantings longer than most people will actually read, containing every sort of threat one can imagine. This girl even had someone call Norm and give him his parents address and tell him they were going to rape and kill his mom. She sends videos of herself making little superficial cuts on herself and of course saying she is going to commit suicide. All one has to do to verify this poor girls lunacy is speak with anyone that has broken up with her, like for example the father of her child. Then speak with girls Norm has gone out. Even the Police know this chick is unhinged. Ask yourself, “when was the last time I had a restraining order against me” then consider the fact this freak show has had multiple orders from multiple people. NOT NORMAL!

  2. Norm literally ruined my life just because he couldn’t handle the truth about himself. He is childish and evil. He’s miserable but pretends he’s so happy. If you date him don’t ever think you’re the only girl in his life. You’ll sadly realize you’re not

  3. Norm is a sexual deviant and pedophile as well. He made me constantly perform the most horrible disgusting and humiliating sex acts on him. He also demanded that I pretend to be a teenage girl as well during them. Norm is always chasing young girls and says that’s because women of age “have big underwear” because their butts get big after high school. I was not aware of this until after our relationship ended but norms only marriage which lasted less than a year was to a 15 year old girl he got pregnant when he was an adult!! It made me ill to learn this information. This is also very true information as there are actual legal documents to prove it. Norm is also very inappropriate in how he treats women in public. He will grab your crotch your butt or your breasts nonstop in front of entire room of people. Then he will go further and even expose you to people by pulling your shirt up and saying they’ll do don’t you guys think? Don’t ever make the mistake of wearing a skirt or dress around him either because he will do the same thing. He does this without warning and without consent. It humiliating. He once ripped my panties right off after lifting my skirt to and saying “this is a hairless pussy” to all his friends and everyone else within earshot in a crowded bar. It was mortifying. Then he got mad at me and mocked me for being a cry baby over it when I was clearly upset and beyond embarrassed. He also will make comments about teenage or young girls to you and use statements to put you down like “see that’s what I mean by a tight ass, you are far from having that” or point at a cute young girl and say “I’d be more attracted to you if you had a tight body like that, why don’t you work out more”. Norm Motland literally destroyed my self worth and caused me to have such a lack of trust in men that will probably never go away. And do not ever tell him no when he wants to have sex. I learned the hard way as I was very ill one time and was hardly able to even stay awake for more than a few minutes. I thought he’d understand when I declined but instead he flew into a rage and called me horrible names and ripped the covers off me and began tearing at my clothes. I look back at that day now and wish I had pressed charges against him for rape and sodomy. He caused tearing and made me bleed as he was incredibly rough and I’d never been penetrated in my anus before that day. I never wanted to be. I cried and just prayed for it to end. When it was over he didn’t show any remorse or even offer an excuse such as I’m sorry I don’t know what came over me. No he just cleaned himself off grabbed the remote and started watching television. Norm Motland is a grotesque and truly evil individual. He is so charming at first and you think you met the last nice guy left on earth. But it doesn’t take long and his true self comes out. He humiliates you lies to you cheats on you talks down to you crushes your self esteem and blames everything on you. Nothing is ever his fault and he finds a way to even make his infidelity your fault. You caused him to cheat. I have had trust issues with relationships ever since my years dating this sociopath. Norm Motland was the worst thing that ever happened to me. He has affected me so deeply that I will never fully recover from all his abuse and indecent acts. If only a site like this were around years ago when I met him so that maybe if there had been I would have been warned and not fell victim to this predator. I hope you all take my warning and story very seriously as this man is nothing short of a deviant sociopath.

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