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Nirav Jayendrabhai Patel. Athens, Georgia, USA

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He goes by the name of Nick. He is a motel manager at the Budget Host in Athens, GA and a compulsive liar. He has two kids and a fiance who lives with him, cooks for him, f**ks him, etc. He dates multiple girls at a time and has Herpes type 2. His motel has bed bugs and he admitted to me that his staff rarely washes the sheets or comforters. His Fiance’s name is Nital “Niya” Patel and her # is 404-966-7421 if you need to let her know anything.

3 thoughts on “Nirav Jayendrabhai Patel. Athens, Georgia, USA

  1. I know Nick very well and previous post is 98% false information
    He is very nice person and helps my family and others in hard time. He is married and has two kids that’s only thing is true rest information is false/ wrong. I think previous poster did not like his straight forward management but Nick and his family is great. Please don’t fall for that negative post.

    Thank you.

  2. My name is Jennifer and I am their apediatric doctor since his son born. Very sweet and hard working family. I know them inside and out. I DO NOT THINK or FOUND any thing that negative post says. His strong accent and blunt nature people takes advantage of him. Personally, him and his wife is very nice people

    God bless them

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