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This sweet girl flirted almost with all guys in mmorpg ( SWTOR) and she continues to do it. At the least 3 people were in her house and fucked with her.So far, even when her boyfriend called her from another country (Portugal) She was with someone else.She secretly flirts with different players at the same time in online world.And then she meets with them. And throws them in very short period of time. 2 people attempted suicide because of that drama.And when psychiatrist asked her to talk with these guys in the hospital and calm them,She always says that this is their own fault and not stable psyche.But we all loved her and she was part of our life for a very short time. On the Internet it very easy to discgrace and slander any person.And do not believe this post also. Only facts… Only broken hearts. She is also a very fake person and she has about 10 different accounts in social networks.SHE SPIED AT SKYPE FOR MY FAMILY AND PRETENDED TO BE MY FRIEND, IN ORDER TO FIND OUT MORE INFORMATION ABOUT ME AND MY FAMILY. TO CONTROL ME. I am and my friend do not want to spoil her reputation and we don’t want to call her name in real life. But we that she understood. That people have feelings and ignore,deceive and talk nasty things behind people’s back is terrible. And we ask her to never do it again. And start a normal life.

( this is random photo was taken from a public source TWITCH.COM )

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