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Nikolos Robinson, Accokeek, MD

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Nikolos Robinson of IntutionPhotos is a nasty lying ass sleeping with mostly all of his female customers and models RAW. He preys on all ladies who believe his lies and uses them or their money and whatever else he can get out of them. Women beware of this lying troll. He also likes little children, so mothers keep an eye out when you take them to get their photos by him. He is a deadbeat dad. He is quick to call you crazy when you start to see the real him. He’s not only dating you but he’s dating other females behind your back and he’s having sexual encounters with other men also. He takes male enhancement pills to enlarge his penis. he is a joke ladies. He has a pencil dick and he cannot fuck at all. Nik has a long history of being involved with several women at the same time even while it would appear to be a long-term steady relationship. He is a user manipulator and a liar and will do anything to get what he wants even if it means appearing to be committed relationship. He plays the world so well that the women he is with will hear nothing of his infidelity and lies. He is a pro with this game and does it so well. Lying is a compulsive thing for him. He seems to have a way with getting what he wants and has no remorse about cheating and hurting women he’s in a relationship with. Each the woman thinks they are the one. Who sings to be real good at convincing them of that. Can’t become it’s just one girl. He pretends that he can’t even hurt a fly if that’s all an act on his part. He’s a very smooth talker, and pretends to be all shy. Beware!!!! Once a cheater always a cheater. You’ve been doing this all his life. He loves unprotected sex and has HIV and Herpes and have passed it on. If you’re with him do like any smart woman would do and get yourself checked out. Women run and leave him alone BEWARE of him, or you might get use or end up dead. Trust me this will save your LIFE!!!

2 thoughts on “Nikolos Robinson, Accokeek, MD

  1. I spent 5 months with this guy. Mostly we used condoms. Sex was actually good as hell. I don’t have AIDS. I never saw anything with kids. I got the feeling he was sexing 3 to 4 folks around the same time as me. He talks about marriage and commitment only to get your guards down. He is a whore who responds to being bought. In all fairness he has a right to be who he is how he is. He’s not my cup of tea but a more open man/woman could really have a lot of fun with his lying ass. His mouth skills are amazing.

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