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Niki Misegades, Nicole Misegades, Niki Beren, San Ramon CA. Pleasanton CA., Brentwood ca. Sacramento ca.

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Niki Misegades (goes by Nicole Misegades) is a disgusting bottomdweller, cheating, herpes infestation posing as an innocent mother in leggings and ugg boots. She’s very well known in San Ramon , Pleasanton, Brentwood as well Sacramento California. She cheated on her husband with no less than four different men on dozentss, if not hundreds, of separate occasions. She thinks she’s gods gift to the world but doesn’t realizse she’s all washed up, she’s soft starting to look like she’s had a rough 37 years. It’s very obvious she’s been ran through by too many different dicks over the years. At first glance she looks like so many others but one need only speak to her for a moment and you’ll realize the slutty diva is lurking right under the surface.

Not only is she infested with std’s and hepatitis but she’s riddled with half a dozen diagnosed mental illnesses condition which includes schizophrenia. For this, she is heavily medicated (sedated) every morning when she wakes up and then again before bed… clockwork. Between this in her complete lack of self-control or respect for others she has become a regular homewrecker in the East Bay. No less than 10 children are now from broken homes because of her. She has no remorse for this or anything she’s done, she takes no ownership of anything whatsoever. To the contrary she has managed to 100% flip it around and blame all of her life’s mishaps on her husband (soon to be ex husband since he finally gained the courage to kick her to the curb and file for divorce in dec of 2016 after she lied to police and had him arrested on complete false accusations for which he was never officially even charged cause they were so bogus).
And the latest thing is that she randomly uprooted her children pulled them out of school and moved to Sacramento to be closer to her next victim. This was done against her soon to be ex’s wishes which has broken his heart one last time.
Her ex is a stand up man but he’s not perfect. Niki aborted their child back in 2008 and him continuously finding out about Nicole Misegades whoring around with any man regardless of how it may hurt her husband or children. In the middle of all this her ex who is a medically retired firefighter became addicted to and started abusing his prescription medication he takes for a massive back injury he received while fighting fire and protecting others. This was a undoubtedly was brought on by him being betrayed, ridiculed and taken advantage of by this slut for almost a decade. Thankfully he has found his way out of that dark world she brought into his life.
If you want to good laugh look at her Facebook page where you can see her and all her bikini pics with her tore up body acting like she’s 17. Very obvious she’s a haggard 37 year old has been. Sad part is how she mixes in innocent pics of her little children (who I feel trrrible for) which just makes her look that much more trashy.

Niki Misegades/ Nicole Misegades cliff notes version :
‘ Cheater to the tenth power
‘ Has herpes and possibly Hep-C
‘Various mentall illnesses including schizophrenia
‘Will stop at nothing if she wants to screw your husband
‘Has no regard for her own children’s best interest or well-being
‘Has allowed her filthy “friends” to use drugs in front of her 3 and 6 year old.
‘ very egotistical yet has no confidence because she knows right underneath the surface there too many dirty dirty dirty secrets.

5 thoughts on “Niki Misegades, Nicole Misegades, Niki Beren, San Ramon CA. Pleasanton CA., Brentwood ca. Sacramento ca.

  1. This is so true. I worked with her for years and saw in person l what she’s rally is like. She thinks she can control any man with her body but she is a little old now. I don’t think she knows how bad a repetition she has in thos city

  2. The man who posted this is probably named Jefferey Robert Beren. One look at his criminal record will tell you what he is all about. He slept with his best friends wife, stole from his friends and companies he worked for and left his wife to pick up the mess. If she did cheat on him, he probably deserved it. Not to mention anyone who post shot like this on a website is a dirtbag of the worst kind. Grow up little boy or go run to mommy and daddy to bail you out again. You need help and get off the meth.

    1. Didn’t it say in the original post that Jeff was not a saint? He may have messed up with drugs for a little while but he was loyal to his wife and his family. If you’re so close with Nikki maybe you should ask her about her going to Chico to help? She’ll know what you’re talking about she’s just a bad a criminal as he was. She just didn’t get caught. Only differences is he’s cleaned up his act and shes just continuing to do the same old skanky things. Nikki’s affair and inability to keep her legs shut is what made a mess that needed to be picked up. Don’t put this on him. She is a used up washed up filthy excuse for a woman and mom.
      And Jeff didn’t sleep with anyone’s significant other. That’s nikkis job. Right Dave waskey?

    2. What “Amy” doesn’t realize is that Nicole’s affair and slutty ways came years before Jeff’s arrest or drug use. I’d venture to say that the drugs were a direct result of her whorring around. So, Amy you should probably go talk to your greasy sweathog of A friend and get your facts straight before you start bumping your gums

    3. So I did what you suggested and looked at Mr. barons criminal background and all I see is forgery in possession of a firearm while under the influence of a narcotic medication that was legally obtained. I’ve literally seen soccer moms with worse records than that. Nothing he did was violent nothing he did hurt anyone else nothing he did Was a big deal. I’m confused. So that justifies a woman having an affair and ruining multiple families in changing multiple children’s lives forever? Who is this lady writing this post. You must be out of your mind with ignorance

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