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Nicole Bines, San Antonio, Texas

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I used to be her boyfriend but she would kiss guys that she met at work and started dated a guy from her work behind my back.She used to be the ugly duckling in school and didn’t really get pretty until college after she moved away from home.She had braces and bad acne back then so didn’t really get any attention.Now that she is a bartender she gets hit on by every other guy there and loves it. Its like she doesn’t realize how hot she is yet and just gives it up too easy.We couldn’t even watch a movie without her phone going off every 2 seconds from her “regulars”which she had to give her number too so they would come into her bar and tip her well. BULLSH*T!Thats how she got out of explaining that it was really guys that wanted to take her out and she never told she has a boyfriend.I wasn’t allowed to go to her bar because she said some of her regulars were older men that thought they could get her so would tip her a few hundred bucks every night. If that’s all that was going on I would be fine with that because she is coming home to me.One night after work she didn’t come home until about 4 hours after her shift was over and she wouldn’t answer her phone the entire time.She said that she had to cover a shift for a girl that was running late and it took longer then she thought so she never called me to tell me.I checked her phone and it had incoming calls from me and another number that it shows she picked up to that number but not to me.I bluffed her and said I knew she was with a guy after work and she is so stupid she said I know but he is just a friend when just 2 minutes ago she was working.Short version is that I broke her down and found out she had been hanging out with another guy for a few months that she works with and they hooked up a few times but never had sex which is hard to believe after all the lies she told me.She also said that she will let guys take shots off her neck and sometimes let them kiss her because she gets better tips. ATTENTION STARVED WHORE!

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