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Nicole Atterole, Maryland

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This one is a piece of work. She will only go after married men. It’s a challenge for her to see if she can “win”. Well, she won mine, for a few months. After she destroyed my marriage of 12 years, she moved onto her next victim. She’s relentless and very charming. She’s 43, lives in Crofton, MD and has a high position in the Veteran’s Administration. She’s intelligent, makes great money and loves the challenge of destroying lives. She’s a single mother and must be bored. Beware ladies, she has no morals.

One thought on “Nicole Atterole, Maryland

  1. Pot meet kettle. Funny how people trash people on this site and others with information, not true but a perception when this is in fact how they themselves got their husbands. Only a manipulative and self destructive person would go to so much to prove that they were “victims”. I guess I would to if I was immature and doesn’t have a family or anyone to responsible for. Well my suggestion is all things come at a price. Will you think about that and play victim when you reep what you sew!

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