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Nick Di Mambro. Surrey, White Rock, Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, B.C., CANADA

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Nick (aka Nicola Di Mambro) lives in Canada but has two houses in Chandler, Arizona. He met an American woman last year in Arizona and started a relationship. He traveled back and forth between Canada and Arizona. After a few months, she found out that he was still living with his ‘ex-girlfriend’ Helen in Canada that he was breaking up with. He had lied every time he went home, telling the American woman that his phone cuts off in the underground parking lot so he had to end the call before he got there. Later she found out that he ended the call because Helen was home waiting for him, not that he lived alone. Then Helen served him with papers and is still suing his ass off (HOPEFULLY!) for half of everything he owns. He ‘came clean’ with his American girlfriend so she would help him with his lawsuit. Speed ahead to Christmas 2016, and Nick’s daughter and her family from Toronto flew to Arizona to meet him (he was coming in from Vancouver) and spend the week with him and his American girlfriend. Everything went well, everyone was happy, everyone got along great. Christmas night he sent his American girlfriend home because he was going to fly back to Toronto with his daughter and her family the next day. Well, the next day, the American girlfriend texted him to see how the flight went. No response. When she checked the flight status, she saw that the flight had been cancelled. She texted him, and he spent FOUR DAYS making excuses via text, then finally told her that he was in Sedona, AZ (after first saying he got to Chicago and the flight to Toronto was cancelled cause of the bad weather). Then he said the flight to Toronto was changed to December 31st. She questioned him, as she had asked him numerous times to spend New Years Eve with her and he said he had to go to Toronto with his family. He finally called her on December 30th, tucked away in the closet so ‘his family’ didn’t hear him pouting and sobbing that he’s depressed about some problems he’s having with tenants in his investment houses, and needs “some time”. He asked if he can call her when he’s ‘better’ (She said yes). Speed ahead a week and she (American girlfriend) found out (from an honest source) that he didn’t even leave Arizona on a flight to Chicago, THAT HIS GIRLFRIEND TRACY FROM VANCOUVER CAME TO ARIZONA THE DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS AND SPENT THE WEEK WITH HIM AND HIS FAMILY AND THEN HE AND TRACY WENT OUT ON NEW YEARS EVE. What a FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT. He’s 65 years old, overweight, has multiple diseases, can’t get it up, is a compulsive liar, and a pathetic bastard that owns DI MAMBRO AND ASSOCIATES Accounting firm in Surrey, BC. If he spent a year lying to his girlfriend in Arizona, you can bet he lied to his ex-girlfriend Helen, and he’s lying to all of his accounting firm clients, his friends, TRACY, and everyone else he knows.

NOTE: He’s great at using women….owns two houses in Arizona but came to Arizona and lived in the girlfriend’s house for weeks at a time, not contributing a penny for ANYTHING. If Helen needs help suing his ass off…..give us all a call!!

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