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Naya Phommavongsa, Montreal, Canada

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This homewrecker has gone into hiding for now, this HOMEWRECKER who works at SHARKY’S and PATISSERI CREMINO is nothing but a h@! She sleeps with the owner of CREMINO intentionally knowing that he had a wife and two kids! She keeps on thinking that he will leave his wife for her. She has done it more than once and especially with many clients from SHARKY’S. Beware of her, she has a daughter but doesn’t seem to be taking care of her much. I do know for a fact that the baby father will ask for full custody, very soon. It’s a shame that we all attended the same high school and knowing she turned out like this. Naya, please tell your boss to stop showing Tarek all the messages between you two because it’s literally pathetic how you tell him you miss him, want him and how he hurt you.

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