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Natalie Reeves Bailey

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This is one ugly ass bitch! She is an escort. Total whore. Fat ass bitch. She reaks of alcohol so stay away from this ugly bitch or she will set up up. I got busted by the cops when I met up with this ugly as fuck cunt. She uses many numbers, but the one I got busted under is 678-668-9141. Google her phone number or go to
This bitch now works undercover and awaiting charges. She is working out a plea bargain with the police. Nasty dirty whore. Working with cops so beware. This bitch will scam anyone and set them up to lessen her time. Karma is a bitch and this whore will get her just reward! Warn anyone you know to stay away from this cum slut. She is dirty and her rates aren’t bad, but it’s all a damn trap!

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