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Muhammd Ismail Abrar Khan (ISH FROM USA)

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How fkn dare you.
You are NOTHING but a SCAMMER.
You are a LIAR a CHEATER and only using people for FUCK VISA AND MONEY.

Looks like it is still the same old Ish. Now that I can speak freely without any recriminations in regards to employment (which now I have lost because of you) or anything else which I could lose however I have lost everything.

What a nasty selfish cunt you turned out to be.

Who the fuck you think you are. How could I be so stupid? To make matters worse I was so stupid to fall into your vindictive traps when it should have been obvious to me that on that Wednesday 3rd June morning which for you was Tuesday 2nd June night we spoke, and after that I lost my job. It has been three weeks and there is no contact from you, just a sudden disappearance.

At the end of the day it speaks volumes how your life is all about you and nothing else.

You are a selfish vindictive cunt.

I have come a very long way since you turned on me, when I was always there for you through everything. I put everything after you and you knew that very well. I was just another notch in your mattress for you to fuck your cock on.

Who knows with you and are your damaged goods and what you are doing to your wife, and anyone else that has sympathy or tries to help you. Maybe you hit them too or drag them out of the car onto the streets or even punch them until they pass out?

Some good definitely came out of being with you, that I got three important things back. My self –respect, dignity and my escape.

Who the fuck do you think you are to turn my life upside down.

I’m over my depression and misery about you disposing me and you made me realise how everyone is in it for themselves. As long as they get and need what they want, they just fuck off. It is very hard to find good minded people these days, and you clearly proved how much of a cunt of a world this is.

You always complain about my attitude and mood swings, but end of the day did you ever look at yourself in the mirror cunt? Who the fuck was paying for all your expenses, taking you out for movies and dinner and even paying for the whole Sydney 2012 trip when end of the day you were going to leave me anyway!

You are nothing but a dirty cunt who came from a family full of lies, deception and selfish needs. You fucked with the wrong person and now it is time I showed you how it really is done.

As for forgiveness, in this blessed month (Ramadan) and forever always you will never ever get my forgiveness not even in death or even in eternity (Jannah). You will never ever be forgiven from me and you can shove your pathetic excuses and stories up your arse. Go tell someone that gives a fuck about your life because clearly nothing I ever did for you mattered.

God is watching.

I could go on and on but what’s the point? The damage is already done and it cannot be reversed or forgiven for. I get to always have my say to all your rubbish because you were nothing other than a bullshit coward who lies, cheats and breaks hearts to get into bed for a fuck.

I will never ever let anyone fuck with my head again like you did nor let my guard down. Thank you so much for helping me out to learn that this world is fucked up and people use and fuck you, now I know I can do the same.

I am very confident your time is going to come to an end shortly and not to mention I will get a moronic response from you regarding what I have written. At the end of the day, it’s not my loss, it’s yours because you played someone who would have never played you back.

I know in my heart and head I’m a good person and deserve a lot better than what you did to me, not to mention fucking with my family; so a massive fuck you goes to you, your wife and your family.

I should feel so happy writing this but all I have is tears. To think how stupid I was to let someone like you fool me and use me in front of everyone and make me look like a clown, according to you just a head job machine, nothing else.

Now that you have used me, fucked me and taken everything away from me, the curtain can be drawn and we can all come to the conclusion that the only person who is fooled is you by washing cars in the middle of the night with an Accounting Degree.


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