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Morgan Lathe

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I was with Morgan lace for props my almost 12 years 2 years ago I found out while he was out of town that he called approximately 100 prostitutes in their twenties I have phone bills to prove it he called and text all night and all day for about three months while I was gone the prostitutes in turn did background searches on me so I had a lot of background searches they tried to steal my identity he also was hiding money to go to bars and pay for his prostitutes his ex wives complain of him cheating on them he told me it was them my experiences he’s a bar hoppin low life sleazy dirty dick cheating backstabbing liar. He cheated on me in Columbus in about 06 he cheated on me and Minnesota that was around 05 he cheated on me and Houston with the prostitutes God for 3 months at the end of 14 and getting a 15 didn’t buy me a Christmas gift didn’t even buy me anything or do anything for my 50th birthday it seems that wherever he is there’s some psycho skanky broad not far away that is willing to harass the person he’s with send stuff to their house I’ve had three others whatever you call him one of his prostitutes are sending stuff to my home he’s a real treat and he acts like he tells everybody that it wasn’t him that he’s hard done by that everybody cheats on him he’s got five kids 3 baby mamas and none of them talk to him and I’ll tell you after my experience with them I hope to never see his face again he thinks he’s handsome he’s gross his teeth are rotting out of his face his face is peeling off the only thing that twenty-year-old want is his wallet and he takes full advantage of it and he will lie to you if you’re with him. He travels for a living and sells roofs for shady Texas companies his email address is Morgan super duty at

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