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Monique B Gutierrez, California

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Monique Gutierrez aka Monique Baray Gutierrez or Monique B Gutierrez or Monique Marie Gutierrez or Monique M Baray. Cheating w**** for a wife. Sleeps around on Sergio Gutierrez in his own home. Disgusting excuse of a person. “I am lonely. Sergio doesn’t pay attention to me.” At 48 she’s still whoreing around.

2 thoughts on “Monique B Gutierrez, California

  1. She was with my boyfriend too!!! In her house and her son walked in and kicked her ass. With a shit whore of a mother like that, I would’ve done that too. Boyfriend Ray is out of my bed maybe still in her bed. Oh well. Dogs love whores

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