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Missy Schultz, Minnesota

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Missy Schultz is a liar and a cheat. Missy Schultz acts like she is better than everyone else. Her husband is in politics and an important person in the church. She has been having an affair with long time friend and co worker Rob for the past 2 years. While Rob was on vacation Miss had an affair with one of Rob’s staff, Ryan. She’s not shy about this. She is constantly teasing Ryan in front of Rob so much that he has had 3 heart attacks. Missy lies to her husband, Judd. She tells Judd that she is at meetings and she is with Ryan. Before bowling she is screwing Ryan. If Judd has a meeting, Missy is screwing him. She even screws him on her way home from work. She is a horrible selfish skank. People need to see that Missy Schultz from Mapleton is a liar and a cheat.

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