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Miranda Stevenson, Ontario, Canada

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Miranda Stevenson came into our lives while we were on a break. She was married and met my sons father at a friends place. She instantly gained interest when she heard he was coming in to some money and I was trying to fix my family. When I first became aware of things I sent her a letter begging her to back off so that we could work out our problems. That just made her more interested. She completely took over his life and left her husband, moving into my sons father’s new home with him. They lasted 5 years, the entire time she made my sons and I’s life miserable. She called me down in front of him, caused conflict every chance she got, showed up at family court and every single exchange with our son. A couple years in she stopped taking her birth control without telling him and got pregnant, then after having the baby she took it upon herself to call me up and say ‘you may have given him his first born child, but I gave him a child he actually wants!’ I was disgusted. She continued to call me up and say horrible thing like that throughout the years. He never believed me when I told him how horrible she was. 5 years later, she gets together with another guy they’ve been hanging out with and decides to leave him for another man that has a family with three children. She is now trying to make that poor woman’s life hell now too. So if you’re married or taken, this is the woman for you. She doesn’t care who she hurts, as long as she’s wrecking homes.

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