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Miracle K. Charles Stamps,AR

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I know I know this is supposed to be about reporting my ex but I want to report that woman who stalked him . she befriended me made herself appear to be the kind of person you want in your life.

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    Miracle Charles has been actively pursuing my husband for the last few months!! My husband brought all this to my attention when I suggested taking her on a cruise with us! she had been, almost daily, sending crude and vulgar pictures to him for the last month! When I went to her job to confront her she tried telling me the pictures weren’t her, which they clearly were, and that she had no desire to be anything other than a friend to me and my husband. From there the conversation escalated I lost my composure and slapped face hard enough that she lost her balance & fell over the hood of her Cadillac! she call the police on me and I was arrested and had to pay a big fine —— but it was worth it. I realize compared to the other post about her, this seems kind of trivial but if my husband hadn’t been so forthcoming and love his family as much as he does that “EX DANCER” could have made a mess of my family. I just realized I forgot to mention that my husband is a Methodist preacher?????

  2. Virgil Strawn, you need to get a life. I don’t want you and for you to continue on with this is ridiculous. Keep making up lies because I don’t stalk anyone except for one man. He isn’t married and he knows better than this retarded stuff.

  3. We will all wait Elizabeth lol. Where did you go to jail? Anyone who knows me, I wouldn’t call the police, I handle it.

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