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Mindy Murray Cincinnati, Ohio

First Name : Mindy
Last Name : Murray
Gender : F
Age : 34
City : Cincinnati
State : OH
Country : US
Website 1 : click to view website

This here is the #1 walking disgrace and toxic waste of human life in the tri-state, none other than Mindy Murray. This lying, stealing, drug using, cheating, disease filled POS needs put down and put away for good.

She loves dope, loves to lie and manipulate, loves stealing from elderly people when they aren’t paying attention, screw over good people, and cheat on boyfriends so she can be a lesbian for her own benefit, while carrying and passing stds in the process.

We’re talking about a saint that has 19 mugshots, one receiving stolen property and five thefts on her record, while she sleeps with every single male and female in the tri-state she possibly can, giving them every drd imaginable. she will go ghost and block good people on social media so she can surround herself with wastes of filth.

Mindy never learned how to be truthful and has no life morals because she would rather live “that life” instead of being a mother to her daughter, someone she cares very little about, while blocking people on social media to mask her callousness, something she truly loves doing.

One of the proud pathological liars, thieves, criminals, pedophiles, and s**t bags you will ever meet and will drive you crazy, and need to be put down and out as a result so the tri-state can just be outright toxic free once and for all.

13 thoughts on “Mindy Murray Cincinnati, Ohio

  1. Hi. Its Mindy. I have contacted the Ohio police about this slander. Defamation of character. Next a lawyer. Take this BS down. I am not a lesbian, i am just friends with girls. When someone breaks up with me, i just accept and i don’t start wars. Whoever wrote this is the con and isnt telling the Truth..
    I don’t support thieves, criminals, and pedophiles. Bullshit this person.
    I have a good idea of who wrote this BS about me. Don’t worry, i wont do anything to you. I want to know why this was created in the first place. The cops and my lawyer will open up an investigation. Lawyer up!

    1. Mindy, it said you was the proud pathological liar, thief, criminal, and pedophile you dumb f**k.

      Your record speaks for itself so I’d shut up and just confront who you thought did this.

    2. Don’t b***h about stupid s**t until you fully confront as an adult who you thought did this Mindy. No one is going to sign off on you living the lie you love living so much.

  2. A narcissist who lacks the character, adulthood, and intestinal fortitude to confront you. Instead resorts to hdijg being social media like the true coward she is, was, and will always be. Mindy Murray blames everyone else for her own shortcoming and lacks the adequate character and discipline to own her mistakes like a true adult, while doing all she can to be the center and support grade A POS she enjoys surroundung herself with like those who have jail records. The character she lacks as a human being has been proven time after time and until she changes, she is the definition of toxic to society.

  3. Hey Mindy…you idiot… about talking to the people directly as a grown adult as to why this was created. You will get your answer then. Put your big girl pants on and talk to him like a grown woman.

    You threatening legal action just proves this post to be true .

    Plus it said you’re the proud thieft, criminal, and pedophile. Your record says it all.

  4. ur not a lesbian, but friends with girls? uh huh, ok.

    if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it’s not a mongoose.

    it’s mindy murray of dating psychos.

    nice try. epic fail.

  5. Forget about her reality. This person is lethal. Any person who gets kicks out of abusing men and women through s*x and whatever else she does is worse than just sick. Then the arrogance and no remorse she seems to demonstrate. I would like to bash this w***e’s gross face inside out. Scary to know people like her are wandering around out there just waiting for their next victim.

    Some stiff time behind bars may penetrate her obviously damaged brain and she will realize bad actions have consequences weather you are an s*x addict, drug abuser, prostitute, and in her case, cheat, lie, manipulate, and turn lesbian. She doesn’t care about whom he hurt or scarred for life because she has no life morals.

    Just so she gets what she wants and gets away with whatever she already did. This waling disgrace needs to be severely punished, preferably after her face being beaten in and her bones broken in het body, and put in his place like yesterday.

  6. She and Darren Ambler would make the perfect match. Both are extreme s*x addicts, love drugs, love to hurt and manipulate people without any remorse, and in the case if her, loves to steal without remorse, and use people because she doesn’t have the character to do things in life the right way. Cannot justify someone who loves drugs, stealing, bi-sexuality, and collecting mugshots like her. Add the fact she thinks she should be exempt from her transgressions and the disgrace of a human being she is speaks more about who she is at the end of the day.

    She once told her daughter that drugs are ok and it’s no big deal.

    Let that sink in.

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