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Mike Hansen Bellevue Nebraska Corwin Toyota

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So Mike Hansen sells cars because as a convicted child molester it’s all he can due. So he exposes himself to a lady on a test drive and Corwin Toyota attempts to cover it up. Do not buy anything from those sick f***s. It get better he dates a w***e Terri Duffack who’s dad owned the dealership and her brother still works there Jim Duffack red hair likes to go,f and covers for Mike Hansrn who is a child rapist fromWashington State. Read about Terri Duffack and this sick f****r. Do not buy anything from Corwin Toyota period it’s a s**t hole of liars, theafs and they don’t do drug tests or background checks. I found an article a few months back that employees got arrested for running drugs out of the service department. STAY AWAY Mike Hansrn is HIV Posotive from Terri Duffack. Her is the s**t but Google her she is all over the Internet unemployed and just a backpage worthless w***e dating a child molester,

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