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Miguel Alvarado, Allentown, Pennsylvania

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This man has a slew of lady’s on his Facebook page. He likes christian ladies and ladies with weight on them. He has a crook historical past …For assault and other stuff. He has 5 baby mamas and 6 kids all with these ladies. His MO is moving rapid and rapid. Telling the future sufferer he loves her, needs to marry her and moves in inside months of talking or chatting online. The entire whilst he has three or extra back up ladies/ladies he is speaking to. The final girl he used to be with he tried to run her car into a truck along with her in it. He has severe anger issues. He smashed his phone on the ground and referred to as her a tamp..He is also bulimic. Makes himself throw up. He downgrades females telling them they are fats and disgusting and all different types of matters to demean their personality! This man lives with his mom and his mom infants him nonetheless at the age of fifty three! He has had several relationships again to again of every different in view that no ladies final more than 2 months with him once they get to grasp the true him. Beware he puts on a front that he’s a Christian and Godly man however he’s a ways from that!! Very unsafe women…Please be very mindful!


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