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Michelle Yvonne Sawyer Lee’s Summit Missouri

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Michelle Sawyer is my former lover and a married woman I had an ongoing affair with for quite some time and when her husband learned of the affair she turned around and accuse me of being a man that was harassing her. I have documentation of our Affair through text messages and Facebook messages which all verified she was cheating on her husband Danny Sawyer and intended to divorce him and take all the money from him she could and she intended to take this money and buy a house for me and for her. Again I repeat I have documentation to verify all of this. I have messages from her verifying our sexual encounters and all kinds of kinky things she enjoys. I have messages which will also verify her l**t for women and how she and her husband would go to strip clubs in Warrensburg Missouri in search of women for Michelle. I have another message that shows Michelle telling me she wished she could f**k me in front of her husband as payback for the abuse she has suffered from for thirty years in the marriage. She claims to be in Mortal fear of her husband but when asked this question by the police she denies such fear but again I have messages verifying she says she is terrified of him and his temper and his abuse. Yet she stays with him and when he catches her cheating she points the blame at the poor man and accuses him of harassing her LOL. This is a sick individual and I regret ever getting involved with her now. She will tell you that you are the love of her life and she can’t live without you at least she would tell you that until she gets caught by her husband LOL I repeat I have documentation to back all of this up as true. The woman is a stone cold freak that loves to suck and f**k and she will claim she sleeps in a separate bedroom and hasn’t had s*x with her husband in 10 years but I’m not sure that’s true. The woman loves d**k too much for me to believe anymore she doesn’t get it at home but according to her he’s a two-minute Wonder with a pencil d**k LOL. Again I have documentation to prove she says this about her husband LOL. My advice is stay clear of her all you because when she gets caught cheating with you she will turn the tables on you and cause you legal problems.

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