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Michelle Gembala St. Petersburg, Florida

First Name : Michelle
Last Name : Gembala
Gender : F
Age : 20
City : St. Petersburg
State : FL
Country : US
Email :
Phone : (561)213-2572
Website 1 : click to view website
Website 2 : click to view website

She will tease & flirt with others while dating you. When she sleeps with someone else she will cry rape. She is extremely jealous & will make you feel like s**t for looking at another girl. But if you bring up the point of her cheating on you she will cry hysterically & manipulate you. She will draw you in with possibly made up stories of her suicidal & depressed past just to make you feel bad for her & so that you can overlook her blatant flaws. If she’s going through something get ready to worry like h**l because she’ll say vague suicidal things then disappear for about 2 weeks-2 months, but if you’re going through something & need her support she won’t give you any. After she breaks up with you she will spread rumors about you to anyone & everyone that will listen, & when confronted about it she will lie & try to save her own a*s. Also, she will lie about who she’s slept with & how many times, this is important because she will say that all previous times she’s slept with other guys were all when she was drunk & that she was raped.

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