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Michelle De Vandahlcourte, Austin, Texas

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This woman is a dangerous witch from Austin, TX. Michelle de Vandahlcourte originally out of La Salle Parrish, Louisiana is now whoring around Austin. She appeals to certain types of middle aged boys who are haveing their so called midlife crisis. She’s an artist wannabe who takes them around some idiotic bohemian party circle. As a literal witch she has open disrespect for judeo Christian values and will gladly wreck marriages and all relationships. In her twisted value system being a SLUT is actually something she brags about. She’s just finished getting f***ked by & f***king Up the lives of a family in north Austin, with a married man who was assistant manager of an HEB on Parmer Ln at Mopac. This dirty c*nt is dangerous and doesn’t care who’s lives gets turned upside down, even children. I know first hand because their mom is a friend of mine and I’m helping her take care of them right now while she’s moving out of her ex husbands place and life and tryin to get him to pay child support. When I called Michelle out on her shit, this bitch actually has the audacity to try and blame the victim. Michelle says the guy’s wife is the actual Homewrecker, not her, because she won’t adopt her ex husband’s polyamory lifestyle. In the last week she’s bragged about spreading her legs, bending ovre, or going down on at least three other married men in Austin and nearly towns. She even brags that one of them called her “little cum-pot” and thinks it’s cute. Ladies, and gentlemen if you see this, please link this to everything you possibly can so that descent people can be warned about this disgusting whore!

3 thoughts on “Michelle De Vandahlcourte, Austin, Texas

  1. IF ANYONE WANNA GET TOGETHER TO TAR AND FEATHER THIS STUPID HOE, I am definitely down for that!!! Omg this is so hilarious that all you wonderful ladies are posting these things about her! Cum dumpster is a perfect term??? I googled the bitches name bc I couldn’t remember her damn yt channel & wanted to check if she reposted vid of herself whorin around with my ex bf, and all these Homewrecker and slut shame links came up , like twenty of them from different women on different websites. Another commentr mentions were she works. But I have the exact address. Its 5002 north Lamar, Austin Texas 78751 in case anyone wanna pay her a visit ? serious about that TAR + FEATHER shit? like maybe green feathered to make her look as idiotic outside as she is in!!!

    1. The thought of her having that done to her is indeed amusing???? but I would say don’t use green for the feathering. The ho fancies herself as some sort of artist and may end up liking it. Instead get a bunch of actual pigeon feathers. A dirty bird is more appropriate, or maybe brownish shades so she’ll look like a giant turkey. Tie her hands behind her back so she can’t pick em off, then dump her ass on the east side somewhere and let’s see her explain that to the cops! Just a thought- – My husband has the perfect tar stuff. It’s in a bucket, and it’s black goo, but not hot. It may be unhealthy once it’s on skin, but who gives a shit right? Unfortunately I can’t be involved in this because I have a baby to think about and don’t want to get arrested or sued. I really should advise you not to do this, but it’s soooooo tempting I know???????? Here’s another thought however: because she’s a really goofy bitch who tries to be an avantgarde artist, have a couple of colleagues befriend her and convince her to do it voluntarily as some kind of idiot performance art project, then tell her you want to film in front of a street sign or something and drive off & leave her there. Just long enough to humiliate her, but then that way it’s just a prank. I believe she may actually be dense enough to fall for it!
      BTW, three holed wonder ho also works part time at a clothing store at:
      2208 S. Lamar Blvd. Austin, TX 78704
      Just sayin.???? also be sure to call her at 323-776-9673 at about 3 am central on weeknights and ask her how many stds she has!

  2. Oh bitches plz!???? puttin pies in her face? Tar and feather her? What yall think this is, happy days a 3 stooges movie? I kno this cu*nt a well as any of yall, and shec serious evil!???? besides, she do this for a livin. She’s a fetish prostitute and does this professionally h.
    I say BRAND HER ASS!!! Get all these repeat offenders from texas Christina Lucero, Michelle De Vandahlcourte, Jerelaine Dotson, Siera Stanton THEY WANNA FUCK MARRIED MEN IN TEXAS? BRAND THEIR CUNTA$$ES LIKE CATTLE???? I kno just the rednecks to do it big old brandin iron with capital SL on left ass cheek & capital UT on right ass cheek. That shits 4life NO removal like tattoos! Let every man they ever undress 4 b reminded what he fu<kin. A SLUT.

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