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Michael Wyman Roberts

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Stay away from this con man. He has been in prison for about 20 years, he will come on hardcore press on women with connection to another man like I was separated . This man can’t tell the truth, he us so sure he is smarter than anyone else. Never dates one woman at a time. He is one parole look him up on Colorado department of corrections. He lives around Denver Colorado. He is 54 in June 2017. He has a construction business never works for anyone. He can do some of his work but don’t give him money and when he gets outsmarted. He goes batshit crazy harassing threatening to sue u for everything imaginable

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  1. This is a lie by kathye abendroth. She murdered her 1st husband Larry and is trying to ruin me because I know the truth about her. She is a murderer used her being a nurse to get the medicine needed to kill him

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