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Michael Vincent Moorman, Colorado

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Michael Vincent Moorman, of Colorando Springs, CO is the biggest liar on the face of this planet! He had been on and off long distance dating Ayumi, while seeing and sleeping with others. After making several plans to move with the japanese girl, he makes himself engaged to a girl named Andie Owens. He calls Ayumi up, on speak so Andie could hear, that he was using her from the start, that it was all for revenge. But then contacted her two weeks later and made up a story saying Andie was forcing him to be with her. That she was part of the mob and threatened to hurt him and his family if he doesn’t stay with her. Now he had done cyber sex, phone sex, he even wanted to plan his “kidnapping” to get away from Andie. However, he moves out with her once then within months moves back in with her again. I feel so bad for Ayumi and Andie, and anyone else he has been fucking with.

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