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Stay away from this man if at all possible. He is a Narcissist, He is encapable of feeling any empathy towards others, He is obsessed with himself, He lies because it’s convienient, He is a drug addict, He is violent, Abusive mentally emotionally physically you name it. Talks behind people’s backs and acts like nothing when in front of them, he’s a two faced coward, Stares at women in public, Stalks ex girlfriends on FB, Frequents Asian massage parlors, Claims he’s got a good job at a hotel doing maintenance or catering, He can’t keep a job more than two weeks, He relies on SSI each month then accuses you of being after his money.. he will steal money from you!!!! He will blame you for anything and everything, He’s 30, born in 1986, Black hair, Brown eyes, he’s 6’1 but he lies and says he’s 6’3, 300lbs roughly, says he’s Italian/Irish but in certain situations he will lie and just say he’s Italian, Stay far far away, He will try to make your life a living hell! He treats his family like $ hit and will turn around and buy something or try and make it up to them… Beware, He will also try to get you pregnant. He’s spent most of his life in and out of treatment facilities and mental health facilities and hospitals, He’s a convicted felon… He also frequents Long Island Ronkonkoma area and sometimes stays in low income housing but it never lasts so he goes back to live with his father in FLUSHING. He may also frequently go to the city, Beware. He is also a horrible racist, will say awful things but claim he loves black and Asian women. Claims all of his ex’s are awful (never met the women so I can’t say) but it’s pretty apparent why they left!!!!

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