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Michael Trevino, Georgia

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Micheal is the son of Justina Trevino. He lives in Cartersville, Ga. He is a women beater. He started dating my friend and within months of being together 1. He went crazy and keyed her car 2. Popped her tires 3 times 3. Started hitting her- each time it got worse and worse. He recently tried to kill her by choking her…4.He got her pregnant and choked her while she was 6 months pregnant with his child. She had him locked up, but was released within 24 hours. He needs a good a** beating.5. His excuse is always blaming her for cheating when shes not, makes me believe hes the ine cheating. You don’t blame someone cheating unless your doing it yourself. So… Add him on Snapchat his username is mt22390. Add him on facebook it’s Michael Trevino- picture is the one attached. Let him and all his friends know how much of a piece of s*** He really is. He need to realize it not okay to put your hands on a pregnant woman. She also has 4 kids this is their 1 one together and hopefully the last. I fear for her life, if he can do this to her than he might lay his hands on her kids or worse she’ll end up dead. She’s a good person and don’t deserved to be treated this way. I think she’s afraid of him.

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