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Michael Paulbitski, Redding California

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I made the mistake of dating this guy for a few months. At first he seemed like a pretty nice guy, but then one night I watched him on facebook without him knowing about it. Paulbitski was telling cancer patients that he hopes they die, telling them they have no reason to live. He was being very cruel. When I confronted him about it he lost his temper and hit me in the head. I immediately left his house and filed a police report against him. Not only does this man harass terminally ill people online, but he also beats women.

Stay away from him at all costs

5 thoughts on “Michael Paulbitski, Redding California

  1. This comment was posted by a male Facebook Troll named Steven Haffley. He is a sick, twisted, despicable, lying, loser. First off, I don’t date men…I am straight. Secondly, I never even met him face to face. For him to post lies like this speaks to the fact that he is a disgusting, miserable, immature, pathetic, low life.

  2. The man who wrote this completely fictitious post is Steven. Steven pretends to have cancer…Steven pretends to be an abused woman, when in fact Steven is just a sad, pathetic individual who enjoys trolling people on Facebook, and then attempting to humiliate them when he loses ground in his argument. Don’t be like Steven. To all of you reading this…Michael is a loving, passionate man who loves his county, his family and friends, and would never hit a woman. Please, pull up this police report that Steven claims he filed as an abused woman–it doesn’t exist. Neither Redding, nor Shasta County will have any type of said record. This man Steven seriously needs to seek professional help. He has never even met Michael. Steven’s drama started earlier this week over an argument on a mutual friend’s Facebook page. He isn’t even friends with Michael. Please just do the research yourselves…when you find no police report? It shouldn’t be hard to dismiss this pontificating, emotionally disturbed individual’s claims. To Steven? Get some help, and grow up. Take your meds, and stop trying to literally ruin the lives of people you’ve never met.

  3. This is absolutely not true, i know Michael very well and also know him on a personal level. This was written by a fb troll, he is very demented. He has done this several times with other ppl including his best friend. If he gets mad at you your in trouble. I’m sure I’m next on his list. Steven Haffley is grossly disturbed. This is why we

  4. This coming from the 60 year old whore that sends naked pictures of herself to 30 year olds. Think it’s time for you to get one on here, but with all the naked pictures you upload of yourself 😉

    Big Mistake Sonya

  5. Steven Haffley has now posted under the name Sonya Alexander and he threatened her.(See the above-veiled threat regarding naked pictures). Again…Steven is proving that he a vile, degenerate, piece of shit. Upon doing a little checking, I have discovered that Steven has an extensive criminal history that includes drug, harassment and stalking charges. He also has numerous restraining orders against him. After an argument with his then best friend, Steven posted that his friend’s wife was an unfaithful whore. True to form, Steven was lying. Steven has made a career out of being a lying, despicable, miserable, troll. What a complete loser.

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