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Michael Montanaro Stamford, Connecticut

First Name : Michael
Last Name : Montanaro
Gender : M
Age : 36
City : Stamford
State : CT
Country : US
Email :
Phone : (203)595-0356
Alias 1 : WetbackSpico7
Alias 2 : SpicsNSpanish
Alias 3 : FullofCumSpicMexican

Michael Montanaro and Vanessa Laccona are fat wetback spic brown pieces of s**t from Mexico here illegally residing at 36 Dads Ln in Stamford, CT. This s*x offender male p***y w***e has a**l s*x with fat heroin dealing black gay a******s who are HIV positive in an attempt to keep his job at the department while he moonlights as a heroin JUNKY. He is a WETBACK SPIC and Vanessa is a fat ugly dirty cheap Mexican w***e who didnt graduate high school and steals IDs to use for welfare fraud.

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