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Michael Mason, St. Helens, Oregon

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Michael has been a terrible father from the get-go. Not only has his current wife treated me horribly ever since I can remember, but he failed to meet a CHILD halfway when I attempted to meet-up with him or even bond over dinner. I grew up very confused as to what I did to make him dislike me and it has greatly affected the relationships I currently have. Not only did Michael fight my single mother tooth-and-nail over child support (a measly $400 a month) but he rarely ever paid it. He also knocked me off his court-mandated insurance when I was 17/18, leaving me an uninsured college student, as my mother could not afford it. He owes THOUSANDS of dollars in back-support, yet freely parades his lavish vacations, poker tournaments, and splurges on social media. He even fronts an 80′s-style “rock band,” 80 Proof, and collects a substantial amount of money from under-the-table real estate deals, yet lists himself as unemployed to avoid being garnished. Michael is a selfish individual and encouraged me to skip out on college, even after being accepted into my dream school – a top 30 university – with a generous scholarship, because he would be forced to pay additional child support. Or, more accurately, “put it on his tab.” I have never once received any affection from this man, support, or financial stability. He dusted off his hands long ago and has never had to face any consequences, thanks to a system that does not benefit children on the losing end of child support. He will continue to get away with things, true to his sociopath nature, but will hopefully have to answer someday to his abandonment, irresponsibility, and selfishness.

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  1. Kara, besides the fact that what you wrote is completely false, this is slander and libel. You will be sued if you do not remove this post and all others like it. Keep in mind the same thing could be done to you online as well where your reputation is destroyed by someone who makes a few anonymous tagged posts.
    Delete these posts now.

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