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Michael Hytrek Gresham, Oregon USA

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I met Michael on badoo/Hot or Not and he was all nice and seemed like a good guy. He drove to Woodburn on his Harley(he’s a wanna be biker) and we went for a drink and ride on the bike. He kept trying to feel my p***y and t**s. We ended up f*****g and then I went home later. After that Michael wouldn’t give me his number. He would only e-mail me and he would only see me once or twice a month. Wamt to f**k and go home. If I complained he would tell me to dial it down. Then I saw that he was active still on the dating site. And he would lie to me about it. One day he came down to see me and during s*x I noticed he had his phone. This sicko was secretly taking pictures and videos of us having s*x and posting them. Right around that time I also learned he was maried. I was hurt and mad and when i confronted him I was told I was nothing more than a f**k toy and he deleted his e-mail and blocked me on the dating sight. He is cruel, manipulative, very secretive and sexually demanding and forceful. He belittles and makes you feel like its all your fault. He is very sick f****d up liar and cheater

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