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Michael Hubbell, Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Mike Hubbell of Colorado Springs, Colorado is a womanizer liar and cheater dick and raper! He had cheated on me the entire time we were dating and then tried to make out like it was my fault he cheated! He tries to fuck every girl he meets and uses them for sex. If they won’t have sex with him he rapes them. He has tried to rape me and my underage girlfriends ! He is a looser and sicko with no friends and no girls that want him ! He raped a 14 yr old girl at Cheyenne Mountain High School and needs to be in prison. Ladies be careful of Mike Hubbell! He is a pro cheater ! He lives at 718 Capeglen Rd Colorado Springs Co his phone number is 719-684-5198


2 thoughts on “Michael Hubbell, Colorado Springs, Colorado

  1. HOLD THE FUCK UP. He is a nice, respectable and compassionate person who loves him family and friends. This is BS posted by an extremely jealous, callous bitch that took the break up harder than a black dick. This crazy bitch and her “groupies” are just disrespectful fuck twits. People make mistakes, but I know rape is NOT one he made. So get the splintery dildo out of your ass and get over yourself

  2. I know this kid and have known him his whole life. He’s made a few mistakes but this is fucking rediculous! How could someone post such horrible shit about someone that isn’t true? You’re A stupid whore

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