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Michael Goodwyn, Austin, Texas

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Michael Goodwyn is a liar, a cheater, a cheater, a con-artist, and has been arrested twice for domestic violence on me. He vandalized my property after I allowed him to live with me after loosing his job. He owes me thousands of dollars. He is on every dating website known to man seeking his next victim. Possible dating site user names (NeverSettle, Miguelito67, TrueTexasPatriot, TexasTitan67, LakewoodLoner). Do not date him. Do not believe anything he says. He is a predator. His own children and family members do not speak to him. He lives in Leander Texas or he could be lying to say he’s living in Austin, Texas. His #5126266349

One thought on “Michael Goodwyn, Austin, Texas

  1. An ex-girlfriend, Zola Trascher, posted this in anger after I was finally able to get away from her.
    Lie #1 – She is not ‘Divorced’ as she likes to claim. She is only ‘Separated’ and in her twisted mind it’s the same thing. She lied not only to me but also to her friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, and even her own children. When I met her on, her profile clearly stated that she was ‘Divorced’. Still does. We dated for several months before her ‘ex-husband’ finally revealed the truth about her. I apologized for not knowing and instead of being upset with me, he laughed and said I could keep her, he didn’t want her back. He told me I wasn’t the first man she’d lied to since he left her, which he did only 3 months prior to my meeting her after he caught her cheating on him, and that I probably wouldn’t be the last.
    Lie #2 – I never assaulted her. On the contrary, she assaulted ME on more than one occasion and I have the videos to prove it.
    Lie #3 – I never vandalized her home. In fact, she tried to break into MY home and I have the police report to prove it.
    Lie #4 – I don’t owe her a penny. If anything, she owes ME for damages she caused to my home (broken window and smashed door she tried to kick in), my car (which she keyed), and my truck (flattened my tire).
    Lie #5 – I have a very good relationship with my family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers who all know me well and will readily vouch for my character.
    She’s not an entirely bad person and does have some wonderful qualities. Unfortunately being honest isn’t one of them. She just couldn’t be honest with herself and admit she needed help even after I forgave her and gave her a second chance. She couldn’t follow through on her promise to finalize her divorce and seek counseling. As a result she lost a good man. I truly wish her the best and pray she gets the help she needs. Until then, I want to nothing to do with her.
    You are free to believe what she’s posted here and if you choose to do so then that’s your choice. I’m really not interested in knowing someone who’ll believe everything they read on the Internet anyway.

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