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Michael Gonzalez Indian Rocks Beach FL USA

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Michael Gonzalez (no middle name) is my legal husband, but he doesn’t let that get in his way when he is courting other females. You might know him from his company Michael’s Construction. You might know him from church. You might know him from Ohio, The Villages, FL, Tampa, Orlando, or his current lair of Indian Shores/Largo. He loves the ladies, so much so that he has a wife and girlfriends. He doesn’t stop there though. He told me himself that his computer got shut down when he was looking a child porn. (I kid you not.)

I would like to get a divorce from him, but he moves around…. a lot. You see, when you meet him, he will come across as the nicest guy you’ll ever meet. He’s SUPER CHRISTIAN. He’s also SUPER single… at least that is what he will tell you… except he’s not. Nope. Ladies, he’s my legal husband, and unfortunately for me, he is going to stay that way until I can catch him in between running from place to place.

He has a string of failed relationships including a previous marriage. He likes to brag about how he takes care of his son, but what court records show is that his poor ex wife had to take him to court to get him to pay child support. When I met him, he had stolen goods from his last relationship. Supposedly she was an alcoholic, yet when I did a background check on him… multiple convictions and arrests for alcoholic related crimes. He stole from me too. Who knows who else he has stolen from. Might be why he runs from place to place.

By the way, if you met him and didn’t know any better, you would be fooled. This guy is the smoothest of smooth operators. He comes across as so chill. Meanwhile he is sending me abusive emails and lying about where he lives, so I can’t serve him. I ran across a lady the other day that was shocked that he had a wife! Yep. That’s me. I am the Mrs.

I could spill more here, and believe me it is disgusting… suffice it to know that there are some people you don’t want to know. Ladies, stay clear. It would make my life easier if he found a woman he wanted to marry and divorced me!!! How could I wish that on any other woman?! I am not even sure it is women that he likes, but he can steal from them, so there is that. If you know him or meet him, stay away. I know how convincing he is. Believe me, you don’t want to end up like me. Just the thought that this pervert put his hands on me…and that he is out there tricking other women. It is horrible!

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