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Michael Filger Denver, Colorado

First Name : Michael
Last Name : Filger
Gender : M
Age : 27
City : Denver
State : CO
Country : US
Email :
Phone : (303)587-6277
Alias 1 : THEmikeymars
Website 1 : click to view website
Website 2 : click to view website
Website 3 : click to view website

So I’m going to give you all the reasons I deserve to be loved.
1. I will always cum fast, so you’ll have to keep up cause I don’t like sushi.
2. When you are watching a favorite show, I will judge it the entire time till we put on something I like.
3. I will borrow your money for alcohol. It’s better that I don’t ask so you don’t see how much I take from you.
4. Kiss me even if you are still mad and I won’t apologize because it makes me feel better.
5. You’ll clean up after me in my home, your home, and our home.
6. I will never stand by you when you need it most, but if I need it you better be there or else I’ll shame you and your insecurities.
7. The best thing I’ve ever told a girl after I came during sex, “if I can’t make you cum, and you can’t either, good luck finding someone who can.” You gotta be straight up.
8. When I get home from work I’m going to sit in a chair drinking watching the same thing I watched yesterday.
9. When you get off work your going to pick me up food, clean my old bottles of alcohol off the floor, and do whatever else I need before you have time to yourself.
10. Look I drink 24 bottles a day. So, I’m going to say a lot of mean, hateful, cruel things but you’re going to have to learn not to take it seriously even though it’s most of what I say.
It’s not that I’m a drunk that is mentally abusing you, I just need you to have patience with all this and more until I decide when I can become a better person.

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