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Michael Butters Kane, Pennsylvania

First Name : Michael
Last Name : Butters
Gender : M
Age : 35
City : Kane
State : PA
Country : US
Alias 1 : Butters

This guy is a total psycho. He tortured me for 5 hours because the dog shit in the floor and he attempted to attack her in which I stepped in between resulting in breaking my L5 in my spine also fractures in L1-L4 And S1. Which is my tailbone. He choked our dog out and then gave her cpr to bring her back resulting in her head swelling and afterwards she was aggressive to anyone but me. He then lied and said i never lived there and tried to get me put in prison for burglary when i moved out and left him. Took a year to make that go away and he still several years later follows and harasses me and my kids every chance he gets.

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