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Michael Antonio Glass

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Michael Antonio Glass is a predator. He goes from girlfriend to girlfriend until they have had enough of his physical and mental abuse and report him to the police. He has been to prison for beating one woman, which in turn killed his unborn twins (double feticide). He is a handsome and charming sociopath.

His story: he has 3 kids, a grandfather, was married but went through a difficult divorce. He owns a house in Milton, GA. He was scammed by a car auction dealer out of hundreds of thousands of dollars because he fronted the money and they took the cars – but he kept the titles.

Truth: He does have kids and is a grandfather, but his children no longer speak to him. He is currently married, and neither he nor his estranged wife have actually filed for divorce. (?!) He does not own a house in Milton. The story about the cars is most likely false.

He is currently on the run, most likely to find the next victim – which is his pattern. A warrant has been issued for his arrest. He has 3 permanent protective orders issued against him.

I’m attaching a mugshot, but he’s probably 50lbs less now.

Avoid at all cost! He has a nasty temper, so just walk away!

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